I am a voracious reader. Over the past month I have been reading a lot of articles, blogs by renowned persons and what stuck is the similarity of thought process between these people. Although they hail from disparate professional fields. Scholars, Businessmen, Sportsman, Doctors etc they were propagating and writing what I felt was a common thought. I went through those articles (about 53 of them) and have compiled a list of the common thoughts.

  1. Learn more to earn more.
  2. Recognize that culture change is about changing people’s habits, including your own.
  3. Reward and recognize broadly.
  4. Know what you don’t know.  Then hire or outsource that expertise.
  5. Create a climate where the truth is heard.  Confront what may at times be brutal facts of reality.
  6. The Right people are your greatest asset.
  7. You can’t do what you did yesterday to achieve the same results tomorrow.  The world is changing too fast.  You have to change just to keep getting the results you have now.  Stay in touch with current events, innovative technology, and new trends.
  8. Know what your customers’ needs are and, even if they have nothing to do with your product, do everything you can to help meet them.
  9. Know what your competitors are doing.  You can bet they’re keeping an eye on you.
  10. Strive for balance in your life – work, home, health, and play.

Thank the people you owe your success to and take others along for the ride. If you get it right, someday they will thank YOU!

Will post a few more, once I end up reading at least 50 additional articles.

Till then, practice and perfect the above.

To your Success!!

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