Every professional wants to be more productive. The more productive you are the more you get done… the more money you make…and the more ‘time off’ you can enjoy.

And while the statement I just made is considered common sense by most it doesn’t keep people from committing time wasting sins each and every day.

Here are 12 of the top time wasters. How many are making?

  • Check your Twitter stream more than twice a day.
  • Have desktop email notifications turned on.
  • Use Facebook for more than 15 minutes a day.
  • Have windows on your computer or browser open that you are not using.
  • Have your phone vibrate or make a noise every time you get an email.
  • Be logged into to Skype or other chat type program with your status set to ‘online.’
  • Be subscribed to more blogs and newsletters than you actually read.
  • Have your phone turned on when you’re writing or doing work that requires concentration and being in ‘the zone.’
  • Watch more than 1 hours of TV per day.
  • Working on a random list of ‘to-dos’ before working on priority items.
  • Having in person meetings when a phone meeting would deliver the same result.
  • Taking calls or replying to emails from clients or friends when not urgent to do so.
  • Moving from watching a You tube link to another and then to another.

Action step: Each week select 2 of the 12 from above. Make a conscious goal to eliminate the 2 time wasters you’ve selected. In less than a month you’ll see your productivity increasing…and in less than 2 months you’ll be amazed at how much time you used to waste each day…and how much more focused and productive you have become.

Question: Can you think of any other big time wasters? Share them in the mail to me.

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