Last Week India celebrated Dussehra
The burning of Ravana signifies the triumph of Good over Evil.
It also is a reminder to all of us to burn the Ravana (Evil) that lurks within us.
Evils of Greed, Jealousy, Violence, War, Anger etc.
Just a quick reminder to everyone ..
There’s a Bigger Ravana staring at us daily in our business.
A Ravana called WASTE.
Just like the original villain this one also carries ten heads.
Waste of Transport
Waste of Inventory
Waste of Motion
Waste of Over Processing
Waste of Over Production
Waste of Defects
Waste of Time
Waste of Talent
Waste of Intelligence
Waste of Loss of Opportunity


Each head kills us silently every day, every hour and every minute.
On the Dussehra week let us pledge to fight and overcome this Ravana too.
We owe this victory to our Customers, our workers, and more importantly for our Pride and Self respect and the Nation.

Following this Dussehra .. pledge to GO LEAN


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