Today, April 1st begins the 2nd quarter of 2016, which means the year is now 25% complete.

You’ve had 90 days to crush your goals, set a strong pace and rack up some big wins.

How did you do?

Let’s have a look…

If you had ambitions of making a Million dollar this year, you should have $250,00 in the bag RIGHT NOW.
If you set a goal of paying off $20,000 in high-interest debt, you should have knocked off $5000 by TODAY.
And, if you said you were going to lose 40 pounds, you should be wearing baggy pants and be 10 pounds lighter…TODAY.

Are you on track with any of your goals?
Have you surpassed your expectations?
Are you even close?
What follows is the single best piece of advice you’ll ever receive as it relates to becoming successful and fast tracking your goals in the second quarter.

Let’s go…
There are two and only two types of strategy…offense and defense.
Offensive strategy exists to advance your position, to score goals, to put points on the board…to win.
Offensive strategy is proactive; it’s hustle, heart and hard work…it means playing to win.
Defensive strategy exists to hold ground, to prevent the offense or opposition from scoring.
Defensive strategy is reactive…it means playing not to lose.
The cold, hard finger in the eye truth is that…far too many people and organizations spend the majority of their lives deploying the wrong strategy.
They choose to play defense. They choose to resist change. They choose to maintain the status quo. They choose to lower their standards. They choose to settle for less. They merely exist and live a small fear filled life.

As a result of playing defense, they operate in a reactive, wait-and-see mode, constantly retreating, forever back pedaling and have very little to show on the highlight reel.

On the other hand, those that choose to deploy a strong, relentless and determined offense are constantly advancing,gaining ground, building momentum, proactively creating the conditions for positive change and achieving their goals.

Let me ask you a couple of questions?

If your sales are down and your expenses are up, when would be a good time to craft a new sales plan?
How about next month? It will never work. You need to start today, you need to start right now that’s when you need to change your strategy.
If your pants are tight, and you’re out of breath by simply climbing the stairs, when would be a good time to change your diet and focus on being healthy?
How about after that heart attack? That’s crazy, you need to change and implement a new way of eating today.
If your debt is high and your savings are low, when would be a good time to change from being a spender to a saver?
How about the day after you file for bankruptcy? You’ve got to be kidding me? You need to start right now–today!
If your efficiencies and productivity are headed south wards, when would be a good time to reverse the trend?
If WASTES are eating into your profits, when do you think would be the most ideal time to start the LEAN journey?

You are right. NOW is the moment.

When should you start doing anything that you really want to do?

You need to start today, not tomorrow, always today.


Today, April 1, 2016 is the start of the second quarter…and if your results right this very instant are not where you want them to be, when would be a good time to get back to the fundamentals of goal setting, focus and execution?
How about when you get to the end of the year and realize that it’s been the worst year of your life?
Of course not, that would be completely irresponsible.

Today–right now is the best time you’ll ever have to take control of your life.
Increase Efficiency. Improve Productivity. Eliminate Waste. Multiply Profits.

Do it NOW. It’s really NOW or NEVER.

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Nimish Dave
The Idea Smith

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