How much are you yielding out of your time?
Do you have a conscious time Management plan in place?
How efficient are your work hours?
Are you utilizing each minute at your work desk?
Is every hour giving you 60 minutes?
Are you measuring the value of the time lost in between tasks?


Being able to meet your deadlines, and deliver on what you have promised is an integral part of any job. It is so easy for you to run out of time before the day has even really started properly. So it is really important to ensure that you are able to deliver your tasks on time.

Mastering the art of meeting and managing deadlines is possible, but you need to have a plan, and keep your finger on the pulse at all times. Here are a few points to help you time yourself towards increased energy & efficiency in your work life:


  1. Plan ahead of time: Planning is the key to efficient time management. Planning a Road map of Activities gives clarity and tie is not wasted each time looking up what is to be done next. This also helps us in predicting future time wasters.


  1. Regular time checks: Assign timelines and measurable metrics to all tasks in order to track progress on a routine. Alerts and Reminders are good tools to use for this purpose


  1. Just in Time: Over processing should be avoided. Finishing a task much before the schedule can also lead to losses since its an efforts that is not needed. Hence, the goal must be to complete tasks at designated time.


  1. Respond only to urgent e-mails, write only as much as necessary. Routine your time for checking and responding to emails


  1. Prioritize tasks: There are always more than one tasks demanding attention, one has to prioritize as per the value add of each task.


  1. Manage the “in-between” time: Unproductive tasks like looking up social network, smart phones, reading latest news etc should be ideally done during


  1. Avoid wasting time in “Waiting” for other process to finish. Try to keep work independent of other people and plan to make use of time in case a dependant process is delayed.


  1. Optimize Socialization: While Socializing and Networking are necessary and unavoidable, Keep it to the minimum.


  1. Organize: Keep life organized, clean and clutter free. Easy to find things, physical or computer files are a big time saver


  1. Avoid Procrastinating: Donot spend too long dwelling in failures / problems and release the unproductive tension as soon as possible.


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