Is your organisation building quality into the product?
Have you moved away from traditional quality inspections, managing reworks and rejections ?
Are you making hidden problem’s obvious daily?

One of the most powerful LEAN tool that helps you transform Quality is Jidoka : building Quality into the production Process.

Stopping the machine when there is trouble forces awareness on everyone. When the problem is clearly understood, improvement is possible.” There may be no greater contrast in TPS and modern corporate behavior than this simple idea.

Such an approach is both a technical practice and a pure expression of how one values the role of people in the production system. As Taiicho Ohno notes in Toyota Production System, “

Jidoka captures the principle of building quality into the production process—of designing work so that the people making the product have the means and mindset to be constantly vigilant for what is okay and what is not. By attacking waste at the source, jidoka starkly contrasts with an unfortunately-too-common approach of hiding flaws, passing them down the line, and relying on someone else to fix problems far from their workstations

“The overall thinking behind Jidoka is the practice of making hidden problem obvious. If a problem remains hidden then it will never get solved. You have to bring problems to the surface and cause people to respond to them in order to get at the root cause.”

Without this sort of mindset and skill level I think it is difficult for any aspect of Lean to succeed or really sustain over time.”

“One of the key ideas in lean in any setting, manufacturing or non-manufacturing, and which one-piece-flow supports, is that you build quality into the product at every station in the line as opposed to trying to inspect quality at the end. It’s a simple and powerful shift in how people think about their work. Never pass a defect down the line”


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