At its core, leadership is all about developing the culture of the organization.

“Leaders need to help people understand that change isn’t like driving off a cliff. Teaching is not about you; it is about what your students learned. Leaders need to provide a target destination; there can be many different paths to the target. Leaders can teach PDCA and show how problem solving can be fun.

When you use the Socratic method of teaching, you don’t provide the answer. Your students find the answer for themselves.”

Leading is a verb whereas leadership is a noun…

What is the adoption rate of lean? Good intentions are not a good solution to the problem…

An operating system is how everything fits together:

  1. process,
  2. skills and tools,
  3. evaluation, and
  4. behaviors.

All four need to work together and be consistent. An operating system may be good but doesn’t work because of behaviors. You need to be relentless on the path, but need to be patient with others who just got on the path. Evaluation starts with a hypothesis of if I do ____, I expect to see____. It includes Total Shareholder Return (TSR), strategy, culture, and behaviors.”

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