Today I plan to throw light on two aspects of Lean, and answer two most recurring questions that people ask of me.

  1. Does Lean have a focus?

“Lean has a focus ─ reduce waste and do more with less.

The world is moved by ideas and words. To lead people, you need to take into account their experience, skills and opinions to help them develop their autonomy.

You need to create experiences for them so you can see at what level they are.”

It boils down to a the fact  “How do you teach?

You show them by means of problem-based learning: Express the problem, look for the cause and confirm the corrective measure.”

“Lean creates a culture of continuous improvement – you can actually see a culture.

    2.  What is a Lean enterprise and how do you get to it?

Lean enterprise is an organization where all members continually strive to do better and to develop a culture of continuous improvement.

What is needed to get there?

Purpose, direction, Continuous Improvement methodologies and tools, processes, and engagement.”

And yes, any organization can get Lean!!

Above all, Most of them will perish if they don’t !!!

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