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  • Maintaining a focus on strategy
  • Getting your team to prioritize effectively
  • Measuring business objectives
  • Providing a disciplined process for strategic planning and execution
  • Developing meaningful performance measures and targets
  • Cascading the scorecard to another level in your organisation

If you need help with any of these struggles, then you will be interested to know that the The Idea Smith provides hands-on help to enable anyone involved with developing a balanced scorecard system to act as a coordinating change agent/internal consultant to lead and develop a scorecard system.

Our senior trainers will work closely with each participant to help with these struggles and to help develop and apply a balanced scorecard in their own organisations.

Software for planning and performance measurement will be demonstrated to show how information technology can be used to help develop the scorecard system, collect, report, and visualize performance information, and cascade an enterprise scorecard to business and support units, and to teams and individuals.

Are you trying to take your organisation to the next level of success?

Are you trying to implement and execute strategy and struggling?

Are you unsure how to measure, interpret, visualize and report performance measures?

Wondering if you are on a path to failure or not?

What is the meaning of “strategy” in a connected, immediate, disrupted world?

What works in another industry, environment, or country may be the answer you are looking for.

How might lessons learned from a technology business be applied to apparel factories in another country?

Can business tools and techniques that work in the services industry work equally well in the garment sector ?

What have emerging economies learned from fast-paced growth that would benefit organisations in developed countries?

The Idea Smith team has been researching upon the challenges affecting organisational success, contact us with your problems to know more about the solutions we’ve found.

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