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It is a well-known fact that organizations with a clearly expressed vision, established values and a clear strategy are more successful than organizations without a strategic direction. It is therefore perhaps the most important task of the board, CEO and management group to establish a well-functioning strategic plan. Our experience shows that it is the management group that has the greatest knowledge of the organization, its customers, market and situation. Despite this there are astonishingly few organizations where the management group has a well-functioning strategic plan. This can result from many things. It can be a question of an entirely new management group or that the people in the management group come from different backgrounds and find it difficult to find a shared language and forms for the strategy work.

THE IDEA SMITH offers qualified management consultancy services within the strategy area. Our experienced strategy consultants help management groups establish effective strategy work and develop analyses and decision bases for different strategic issues.

THE IDEA SMITH offer a wide range of management consultancy services within the strategy area. Over the years, we have helped management groups for small and large organizations analyze complex strategic problems and assisted them with establishing effective strategy work with documented good results. Each organization’s situation and circumstances are unique and we go carefully through these together with the management group prior to each strategy assignment so as to be able to contribute exactly the right range of services. Below is a selection of the services with which THE IDEA SMITH can help your organization within the strategy area.

THE IDEA SMITH helps CEOs and management groups to structure and introduce effective strategy work with well-proven methods. We give the management group a strategic framework – i.e., a shared language, approach and tool, adapted to the business.

Support for strategic overview and strategic analysis

In preparation for certain situations and occasions, the management group needs to carry out a strategic overview or analysis of the business. On some such occasions it can be a good idea for the CEO and management group to enlist external help from management consultants in terms of methodology and project management support.

Our experienced strategy consultants help management groups to assess and define the strategic issues, often with assistance from internal analysis of the organization’s circumstances, business intelligence and benchmarking.

Carry out strategic assessments, investigations and analyses

When the management group does not have the time, resources or expertise, or where it requires an independent analysis of a strategic issue, it can be a good investment to enlist the help of an experienced management consultant.

THE IDEA SMITH carries out these types of special investigations and analyses at the request of CEOs and management groups. We help you with aspects such as scenario analysis, economic evaluation of different alternatives and projects, strategic risk analysis, benchmarking against similar companies or competitors, etc.

Support in business planning

Our experienced strategy consultants help you to structure the business planning process and support you during the actual process. We support management groups in areas such as methods to develop and analyze the basis for business planning, define suitable goals and formulate action plans. We also support management groups with risk analysis and proven methods for the implementation and follow-up of business plans.

Training for management groups in strategy and strategy work

THE IDEA SMITH offers both open and specially tailored in-house training courses within strategy for those in management groups. It is very important that all those in the management group have good knowledge of strategy work, business planning, risk analysis, different strategic analysis tools, the planning and introduction of management systems, etc. Our training courses build on theory and case studies which are adapted for the company or organization in question.

Another important aspect of our success is that we work together with the organization’s staff, with THE IDEA SMITH contributing the methodology library and the organization contributing the knowledge of the operation. Our way of working leads to concrete results and simple, achievable proposals for what the organization/company can do with existing resources.

To establish a well-functioning strategic plan is an investment well worth the money!

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