What Indian manufacturers/exporters can learn from Google?

My fascination with Google is quite well known.

The more i understand this company, the more inspired i feel.

While the company offers many valuable lessons to anyone and everyone who’s willing to learn. One significant and key learning that can hopefully inspire the exporting fraternity to play a radically different game than what they have been playing so far.

Google’s CEO Larry Page has long been noted for his insistence on something called “10X Thinking”.

A joke about him tells of a Googler inventing a time machine, only to be stopped before he can plug it in by Page asking why it can’t be wireless. What this joke illustrates is that ‘10X Thinking’ is a philosophy that argues that companies should aim to make their products 10 Times Better, not just 10% Better.

It demands thinking outside of the usual ‘corporate think’ boxes, and risking big failures for the possibility of big successes.

’10X Thinking’ is about making things 10 times better, not 10% better.

Perhaps the most important part of 10X Thinking is knowing when to cut bait, to make a clean break with “the way things have always been done” and try something so new, even though it will almost certainly infuriate some folks who are used to the way things were.

In other words, it is necessary to know when to take the old thing out behind the woodshed, and just deal with the tears and heartbreak that inevitably leads to.

With this in mind, I would like to hear from you guys about what are at least three things you are going to kill that you’ve grown used to.

Remember: if you’ve always done it that way – it’s almost imperative that you dump the methodology.