To stay on top of the latest quality issues facing the manufacturing industry heading into 2016, here are the key questions you need to answer:

How has your organization nurtured a culture of quality over the last year?
Have you made gains in assessing metrics and key performance indicators?
Do you still have disparate QMS(quality management system) solutions in place?
Is your technology architecture ready to handle exponential data growth?
Is your organization poised to close the loop on quality management?

Answering each of these questions can provide your organization with a rough estimate of its ability to mitigate these quality issues in manufacturing today. However, I Smith can give your organization an edge over competitors with its ability to integrate quality management processes into a closed-loop quality management system (QMS).
Take advantage of I Smith’s quality extension system
One of the main reasons why companies are running in losses in the present customer centric era is the poor quality of the processes, products or services. Quality plays an important role in getting a competitive edge over the other players in the market. It is the strongest weapon in your arsenal by which you can fight the competition.
I Smith’s Quality extension empowers quality managers with powerful tools to monitor and improve their quality performance. It comes with a quick graphical overview related to the current process status. Moreover, all inputs into the Quality system are coded to a log which can then be queried, printed or exported to Excel for further analysis.
Unlock your full quality potential with the help of I Smith
I Smith’s Quality system is all that we needed it to be. Our end-users are excited with the type of information they are able to track and pull and it has become easy for them. The workflow right from entering a customer complaint till resolving it has improved their PRR process substantially. This improvement made it easier for the quality team to respond promptly to their customer’s needs and is preventing similar issues from recurring.

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