lean time

lean time

Is the first 1 hour of work really giving you 60 mins?

How well are you actually managing the productive time of your employees?

Are you losing out on time in fruitless activities?

Do you want to make that 1st one hour count?


It is studied that the productivity in the first one hour of most work floors is close to 15 to 18%. With precious minutes wasted in walk ins, small talk, greetings and the standard settling in & booting up procedures. Experts on the other hand claim that this 1st one hour of the day has the potential to be much more productive with intelligently designed time management strategies.


Time is the most valuable resource there is, primarily because you cant have it back nor can it ever be reproduced. Unfortunately there is a scope of valuable time loss at every step of business; In duplication of efforts, in wrong assignment of tasks, in mishandling of processes. Processes with potential of greater time loss are best reserved for the most non productive hours of the week.


How many times have you planned meetings on mondays only to regret two hours hence wishing you could get back those comparatively unproductive two hours back, implementing ideas you had thought of over the weekend?. Time is relative, so said Einstein. Only here, for us managers it is relative to productivity. The first few hours of the day are likely to be far more productive as compared to the mid-week slug and the closing business hours.


For example, it would be intelligent of a writer to keep the mid week sluggish Wednesday afternoon to finish up their pending reading. From dog eared books, to book marked blogs to buffered Tedtalks all seemingly unproductive activities (in terms of measureable outcomes).


Wastage of time is inevitable, in reference to productivity. Specially if you depend more on humans and less on machines. No person can be constantly at his / her best productive levels. If I am 80 % productive on a Monday morning , It is likely to be close to 50 to 60% on a Wednesday evening.


Time management exercises and planning based on substantial research and understanding  of the relativity of time &  productiveness, enables one to best utilize every moment and minimize wastage of time.


Now, With this understanding question yourself :  How much of time (in terms of productivity) are you actually wasting?


In order to make the first one hour count & to know more on how Lean management can help increase productivity and efficient time management click here

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