lean time

lean time

Time is Money. Time cant be undone. Time is never stagnant. Value of time is subject to its utilization.

The most valuable asset you have in your life is time. Primarily because a second once lost is lost for ever.  If you had infinite time on this planet, you could achieve every single thing you wanted. The time limitation is the biggest burden of our lives. Therefore the first rule of success is to manage time wisely.

That primarily means eliminating all unnecessary time wasters in order to make more time for the most value adding activities, and, in the second step, investing every free minute you have very wisely.

  • Plan ahead, set deadlines
  • Set Small achievable goals; Don’t be over Ambitious
  • Prioritize Tasks
  • Organize and standardize activities
  • Measure Progress regularly
  • Do NOT over work
  • Get work Done Just in time to meet Deadlines
  • Eliminate Wastes

A successful business and a penniless person have the same 24hrs in their days, what is different is how much they derive of those 24hrs. Its true that each one of us is facing a different set of challenges in life, but in general, how both the individuals spend their time and set their priorities makes the most difference.

The Benefits of a Perfect Time Management System are

  • Increased Profits
  • Tasks are planned & Goals achieved
  • Overall Growth & Efficiency
  • Work is Organised & Standardized
  • Wastes is minimized
  • Maximized Efficiency


Do you have a Time Management Policy?

Do you Consciously make efforts to make the most of every hour?

Is ineffective time management costing you fortunes?

Do you the major time wasters hidden in your work space?

  • Waiting

One of the Seven most Deadly wastes is the time spent in waiting. This is most evident when one process depends on the other and unless timed well, delay in one causes delay in the other

  • The “In Between” time

Includes All the time that you are wasting between two tasks or two appointments. And you want to make sure you have as little of “in-between time” in your life as possible. The time spent between any two tasks are best minimized.

  • Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the cognitive distortions. While it is necessary that we try our best at every task, there are no perfect things and situations. And hence one must deliver desired quality and consider the standard quality as perfect

  • Procrastination

Worry is an obstacle to growth. One should not be spending too much time in reflecting on past failures, worries / fear. Such unproductive tension must be released  as soon as possible.

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