Q.What are some characteristics of good performance measures?


  • Meaningful — significant and directly related to the mission and goal.
  • Responsibility Linked — matched to an organizational unit responsible for achieving the measure.
  • Organizationally acceptable — valued by those within the organization.
  • Customer focused — reflect the point of view of the customers and stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive — include all key aspects of the organization performance.
  • Balanced –– include several types of measures, i.e., outcome, efficiency, and quality measures.
  • Timely — use and report data in a reasonable time-frame.
  • Credible — based on accurate and reliable data.
  • Cost Effective — based upon acceptable data collection and processing costs.
  • Compatible — integrated with existing financial and operational systems.
  • Comparable — useful for making comparisons with other data over time.
  • Simple — easy to calculate and interpret.

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