Stuck up manager

Every team is can only be as strong as its weakest link. One of the most damaging habit of the Manager is Micro managing every team member. Experts say that micro management will have a huge long and short term negative impact on your ability to be effective as a manager.

Here’s what happens when a team is constantly micro managed:

There is very little room for individual creativity and ability to flourish.

It builds a group of automations who are extremely limited in their scale of functioning.

The managers own capability is restricted as he/she is busy spending time on monitoring employees instead of creating new ideas and facilitating process.

The interplay of team dynamics, creativity and productivity are usually the first casualties of micro- management

Repeated control eventually denies the employee the sense of accomplishment. This causes stress and frustration levels to sky rocket and morale to plummet.

So what does one do to let go and also learn the art of delegating and sharing work:

Trust the Team: Accept the fact that the job can be taken up by your team, so that you as the manager can focus on the bigger picture.

Delegate: Delegating responsibility is an important facet of transforming to a macro-manager

Reward and Recognition: reward and recognize team members who have done their job efficiently and effectively.

Build capability in the team: constantly strive to transfer skills to team-members who can then take the task forward from you.

But even before these changes can be incorporated – it is vital that acknowledgement of the behavior pattern is needed. There is always a difference between adding value and just trying to be a perfectionist. The balance between directing, delegating and doing must be constantly monitored and amended.

There are two vital questions that a manager should ask himself / herself to evaluate his / her behavior and correct course if necessary.

Are you creating value with your input and adding significant value to the outcome? Secondly

Have you in recent times tried to take a back seat and observed the team and identify individual areas of strength and required areas of attention?

If your answer to both the questions is Yes, then you are well and truly on your way from evolving to Micro manager to a Team Leader.

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