Does your facility have excess capacity that could be easily and economically tapped?

Could one process or machine be dragging down the entire facility?

Are there production bottlenecks in your plant that you’re not aware of?

Are you under constant pressure to improve performance and quality and increase equipment availability while reducing operating expenses?

Is your data real-time, accurate, meaningful and without bias?

Does your data offer you clinical advantage in taking effective managerial decisions?

Is your OEE score anywhere near world class?

OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) is the solution to all these. OEE has been used widely in the industry. It identifies the most common sources of manufacturing productivity losses and segregates them into consistent metrics. These metrics are then used to monitor and improve manufacturing operations.

Volatile conditions and sky rocketing costs are forcing the decision makers in the manufacturing sector to find better ways to increase productivity. That is where operational excellence can be used to bench mark data derived from control systems and calculate the real time OEE.

‘I Smith’ OEE system is developed to collect and organize production data from the factory floor.  It discards the three major problems with manually collected data: that is untimeliness, inaccuracy, and bias. This software organizes the production data into a simple database and the report generator helps you to calculate overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The key benefits of using real time OEE are:

Real Time Targets

Operators and production personnel have more precise targets based on maximum sustainable and achievable rates to provide stable and consistent running of the operation.

Online Monitoring and Measuring

Automatic workflows are set up to evaluate present conditions in order to detect any suspicious changes that could lead to a costly event. This provides a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.

Root cause analysis

Process engineers, maintenance and asset managers can delve deep into the data to analyze the problems. This gives operational teams the power to manage root causes and implement curative action plans.

OEE serves as a bench mark of your overall performance. Contact I Smith to know your OEE score and to take your factory to a world class level.


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