IBG 1Indian factories are known to operate at an average plant efficiency in the range of 40-50%. Indo-British Garments (IBG), one of the oldest practitioners of The Idea Smith’s lean ideology, however rises above the pack. Its latest differentiator being the plant efficiency recorded for the month of March 2016. Clocking a whopping average efficiency of 66% for the month, the highest efficiency for the month was equivalent to 77%.

Lauding the achievements, Chandni Sachdeva, MD, IBG-India, shares “Implementing The Idea Smith team’s recommendations has produced remarkable results, and has helped us develop a comprehensive strategy to maintain and improve going forward.”

“The achievement has of course come from various other small incremental improvements across the entire process chain in the factory,” points out Nimish Dave, Founder, The Idea Smith. Understandably, the efficiency improvement comes from a multitude of initiatives that were taken up simultaneously. The Idea Smith team took the matters in its hand earlier this year in January 2016. The key areas to be improved included reducing the Cut to Pack Cycle Time, the total cycle time, defects, transportation distance, and the proportion of non-value adding activities. Using Time, motion and Method Study, the Cut to Pack Cycle Time, and the total cycle time have been brought down by 22% and 47% respectively. The highlight improvement has certainly been in the metric of defects, which have been brought down by 83% using the principles of Six Sigma. Even the proportion of Value Adding Activities has been brought up to 64% from the initial figure of 51% using Kaizen.

With its eyes set on the target of reaching 82% efficiency, The Idea Smith and Indo-British Garment team is gearing for the next round of achievements and this time the focus will be on achieving the leanest possible numbers for WIP, Inventory and Lead Time.

Image Courtesy: www.theoutsourcedaccountant.com

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