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The Idea Smith is proud to announce its alliance with Penguin Apparels – Ralph Lauren’s key Indian vendor of shirts. Notably enough, the alliance has been a direct intervention from the Ralph Lauren itself.

The business engagement sets the tone for the commencement of a new apparel sourcing model wherein buyers are now looking at assisting their vendors with technical, operational and HR expertise through third-party consulting.

Today, Penguin Apparels, a Madurai, India-based apparel manufacturer, stands at a critical juncture in its journey of evolution. Being in the business for two decades has certainly earned the manufacturer a revered reputation in the industry for its work to the point that Ralph Lauren is now looking at doubling its sourcing from Penguin Apparels in the months to come.

Initially, the surge in orders had the Penguin Apparels team in a bit of a tizzy as legacy systems had ruled the shop floors. Realizing the need to come of the age, Penguin Apparels liaised with The Idea Smith.

The transition is in store and the most critical of all is the change in the outlook wherein the firm had to graduate from quantifying the factory’s output in pieces produced to the number of minutes produced.

The Idea Smith evaluated Penguin Apparel’s Floor strength, Working machines, Output, Productivity and Efficiency data for the past 180 days.

Following the Business Health Check-up of Penguin Apparels by The Idea Smith, the big three ailments of the firm were identified as – absenteeism (14%), skill restriction and feeding imbalances across the processes.

Watch out this space for the blueprint on Penguin Apparel’s journey of achieving operational excellence.

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