A wise man was once asked, What is the richest place in the world?

The graveyard was his answer. Deep isn’t it? Profound but true.

The graveyard is full of all Ideas, concepts, aspirations, ambitions, intellectual and intelligence Wealth that for some reasons or the other could newer be harnessed.

Every man buried carried in his mind ideas and concepts and GOALS that he was unable to achieve. They newer had a Deadline attached to them.

This is a story that’s been told many times before.

But it still amazes me.

It’s the “Tale of the Deadline”.

It works.
It will double your results…

The deadline is all powerful and you must take advantage of it. One place to use deadlines is with your goal setting.

It’s soon going to be April 1st, and that’s 3 months gone from the timelines set for achieving New Year’s resolutions.

First Quarter vanished. Forever.

Don’t just say you want to make $100,000 in 2015.
Put a deadline on it.
So let’s say you pick September 30th, 2014 as the date by which you want to hit $100K this year.
Now start working backwards.
What do you need to do by then to hit $100K?
What do you need to accomplish by June 1st?
What do you need to do by March 31st? Feb 28th? January 31st? January 15th? January 3rd?
Reverse goal set your way to success with the deadline pushing you on at every step.

Now replace the Financial Goal above with say a weight loss goal. Or a Strength Training Goal. Set a deadline. Work reverse.

Replace your Marketing and Sales goals above. Set a deadline & Work reverse.

I am sure you get the drift.
Harness the power of The Deadline – it might be the most important of the 5 Pillars of Transformation.
Use it to double your results, every day.
Put this magic to your advantage,

Missing this trick will ensure one thing. Your ideas remain ideas and your Goals – well they’ll add wealth to some graveyard.

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