We live in a world where we have much to be grateful for, if we would just stop and look around. It’s quite humbling to think of all the roles that complete strangers play in our daily existence.
Pause for a moment, and begin to think of the connections between people. You will immediately understand the important role that gratitude plays in the creation of a happy, productive life.

Consider the following…
■ The farmer plants, waters, fertilizes, and harvests the tomatoes you enjoy.

■ The truck driver delivers the food to the market that will soon feed your family.

■ The baker kneads and bakes the bread for the sandwich you’ll eat for lunch.

■ The engineer and architect design the bridge that allows you to get to work.

■ The furniture maker’s handiwork creates the furniture in your living room.

■ The plumber fixes your leak, clears your drain, and plunges your toilet.

■ The teacher educates and inspires your children to be the best they can be.

■ The customer provides the support that enables everyone to receive wages.

■ The performer engages the imagination and entertains your senses.

■ The seamstress sews the beautiful clothes that make you look great.

■ The physician and nurse help to bring your beautiful baby into the world.

The sheer ingenuity and effort required of others is one of the most compelling reasons why we must make gratitude a daily practice. In fact, humility is a virtue integral to gratitude as we cannot recognize the need for gratitude without it.

You may be tempted to believe that success and happiness is the result of karma, fate, design, destiny, or pure luck, but gratitude offers the best guarantee of success.

As you practice the fine art of gratitude, you automatically enhance your peace of mind and overall quality of life. Finding something good in each and every day harnesses the power of gratitude.

Practicing the fine art of gratitude is among not only our most important positive emotions, but also one that links directly to our physical and mental well-being. It’s in our self-interest to feel gratitude, because it makes us better people.

When we consciously practice grateful living, happiness follows along with an ability to withstand negative events. An attitude of gratitude provides immunity to anger, envy, resentment, and depression.
From the moment you open your eyes until they close again for sleep, express your gratitude far and wide, and actively spread the message that gratitude is the key to the good life.
Success is a process that includes both peaks and valleys, but the one constant in a truly successful life is the practice of gratitude.

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