According to a survey of 1,500 of the wisest Americans, the #1 mistake in life is…
Staying in a job you dislike.
This research, conducted by Karl Pillemer of Cornell University for his book “30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans”, revealed that:
Staying in a job you dislike is a recipe for regret.
Spending 2,000 hours a year in a job you hate is a waste of your life.”
You can’t get that time back, but you can take advantage of what I believe is my LUCKIEST break in life.
You see, my luckiest break was recognizing my “Calling” in life. 
Yes. the key to success in life is knowing what your true calling is. The key is inside, deep inside you. If you honestly and truly introspect you will be able to get hold of the key.
The problem with this process is the word “honestly”
We tend to seek what we wish to find. What we wish to find is more often than not clouded with a faulty judgement that we pick up throughout the journey of life.
Ever tried to see your reflection in the mirror that hasn’t been dusted for ages or for that matter in a pond that has ripples flowing. you would understand just what I’m trying to imply.
Unless the mirror (our mind) is cleansed of all likes, dislikes, bias, subconscious thoughts and unless the water is still – dead still you will newer be able to see your true calling. your true self. your true purpose and your real identity.
It took me a little over 10 years. Most of my experiments failed.
Persistence is the key.
Success and transformation are simple once you accept how difficult it will be.” Only then will you accept the sacrifices required.Only then will you accept the effort, honesty, responsibility, planning, creativity, intensity, discipline, & control the process requires.

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